Tiab Ltd

Upton Lodge Buildings
Astrop Road
Middleton Cheney
OX17 2PJ
Tel: +44 (0)1295 714 046
Fax: +44 (0)1295 712 334
Email: tiab@tiab.co.uk
Website: www.tiab.co.uk

Contact: Conway Young
Tiab are the only company worldwide to specialise exclusively in production Digital Controllers for test, research and automation applications.
To be used in any system, the controllers provide unparalleled flexibility, modularity and control. They can be used in new applications or as powerful upgrades to existing systems.
The benefits include: comprehensive range of test functionality provided as standard; huge range of application software; bespoke front-ends can be readily designed; reduced purchase, maintenance and development costs; plug-&-play connection to PC; high level technical support and, quite simply, a company that cares.
Recent Applications: vehicle safety, component test, materials test, vibration, medical, aerospace, rail, R&D laboratories, test houses, universities, production test, gearbox dynamometers, wind-tunnels, pharmaceutical and bio-diesel production.