60 Second Spotlight on Rob Wood

60 Second Spotlight on Rob Wood, ZEISS

Ahead of the Innovations in Battery Design and Testing Seminar at Warwick Manufacturing Group on 18 July we caught up with Rob Wood to hear his thoughts on the topic.

Please briefly explain your current role and involvement in battery testing and design.

As a sales engineer for ZEISS I work with a wide range of customers on many diverse applications. With many different measurement techniques that are used at every stage of battery design test and production.

How would you say your industry has evolved over the past two years?

Battery use and therefore design and test is used across many more sectors and customers now.

What do you see as the key priorities for engineers in the battery testing/design field?


What is the top challenge facing your industry at present?

Scaling up – from measurement hardware availability, physical space and personnel.

What key development/s in battery testing and design are you most interested in for the future and why?

X-ray advancements.

What progress would you expect to be made in this field over the next 5 years?

Higher resolution to find smaller defects and faster measurements to improve cycle times.

What will you be presenting at the EIS seminar and how will this benefit participants?

An overview of measurement techniques used at all stages from R&D, protype & test and production. From nanometres to meters!

Why is it important for engineers to join this event?

To get an update on latest cutting edge measurement techniques and network with other engineers with similar problems and possible solutions across all sectors.

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