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60 Seconds with Jasper Winkes

60 Second Spotlight on Jasper Winkes, C1 Connections BV

Ahead of the Bolted Joints: Insights, Failures & Solutions Seminar taking place on 8 February 2024 we caught up with Jasper to hear his thoughts on the topic.

Please briefly explain your current role and involvement with bolted joints.

When visiting the first conferences on offshore foundations where the troubles with the bolted flange connections were discussed a seed was planted that has grown into a revolutionary new connection technology.

What changes have you seen in bolted joint technology over the past 5 years?

The offshore wind industry has in the past years come to the realisation that there is a limit to the use of the traditional bolted L-flange and is now desperately looking for solutions

What are some common challenges engineers face in your specific area of expertise and how will your presentation address these?

The limitations of the traditional bolted L-flange and the sensitivity to imperfections is a big problem which more and more companies are becoming aware of.

What do you see as the key priorities for engineers working with bolted joints?

Considering alternative solutions compared to the known solutions.

In light of technological advancements and industry changes, how do you foresee the future of bolted joint technology evolving?

Depends per industry, offshore wind will see large changes coming.

What will you be presenting at the EIS seminar and how will this benefit participants?

I will present how a different approach to joining tower and foundation sections can solve the existing issues in the industry.

Why is it important for engineers to join this event?

If you think you know all about bolts you must be nuts 😉

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