Correlated Solutions, Inc.

Address: 121 Dutchman Blvd., Irmo, SC 29063,USA
Tel: +1-803-926-7272
Fax: +1-803-749-7956

Official UK Distributor: Enabling Process Technologies, Ltd. | T: +44 (0) 117 205 0077 | | |

Correlated Solutions, Inc. develops advanced, non-contact, full-field digital image correlation (DIC) and digital volume correlation (DVC) measurement systems to quickly and accurately measure surface shape, motion, deformation, and strain of a material of any size under almost any loading condition.  Our turnkey systems are fast, robust, & flexible, and are available for a wide range of applications including quasi-static, high-speed (up to 300KHz), ultra-high-speed (up to 5MHz), stereo-microscopy, Thermal (integrated IR), real-time, transient vibration (ODS) measurements, and NDT defect detection.

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