Editorial Policy

EIS “Engineering Integrity” Journal
Editorial Policy

Engineering Integrity contains various items of information of interest to, or directly generated by, the Engineering Integrity Society. The items of information can be approximately subdivided into three general categories; technical papers, topical discussion pieces and news items. The items labelled in the journal as technical papers are peer reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers in the normal manner of academic journals, following a standard protocol. The items of information labelled as topical discussions and the news items have been reviewed by the journal editorial staff and found to conform to the legal and professional standards of the Engineering Integrity Society.
Copyright of the technical papers included in the journal is held by the Engineering Integrity Society unless otherwise stated.
Honorary Editor:              Dr Karen Perkins
Managing Editor:              Mrs Catherine Pinder
Editorial Board:                 Paul Armstrong, Brian Griffiths, Dr Fabrizio Scarpa