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EIS Young Engineers Forum

EIS Young Engineers Forum

The group aims to facilitate the development of
early-careers engineers, through a combination of technical seminars and webinars, carried out in partnership with a group of highly-respected companies. We also focus on improving soft skills and self-awareness, both vital for the development of a well-rounded professional

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We are committed to supporting early careers professionals in achieving their ambitions. We provide free technical seminars and webinars alongside opportunities to access unique practical experiences. Our team of highly-experienced engineers are also on hand to offer advice and contacts.

"This group has been invaluable. We've had numerous seminars from experts with years of experience, as well as the opportunity to network with other young engineers from a wide range of industries. It's inspired us to share knowledge and learnings, as well as developing working relationships for years to come."
Jon EIS Photo
Jon hewitt
"A great way of meeting engineers from across industry, hearing what challenges they face in their work and how some of these have been overcome. The tours were first rate and I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to go on these but for the EIS."
Oliver Greenwood
Oliver Greenwood
Rolls Royce

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WEBINAR: RLD Collection & Analysis - are you forgetting the basics?

Date: 23 July, 1-2pm Presenter: David Ensor

Who should attend

This webinar is aimed at those who collect or analyse road load or real life data. It will provide a refresher for more experienced engineers or an introduction for those new to the field. It can be easy to take the fundamentals for granted and inadvertently make simple mistakes when collecting or analysing data. David will address the questions you should ask before setting off to collect or analyse hours, or even days, of data, enabling you to produce accurate and valuable results.


Several topics will be discussed including: Sensor basics - are you using the right sensor to measure what you want? Testing variables – do you understand or even trust the data you have collected? Do you know your data is statistically representative? Do you know why you are collecting or using the data? Are your goals clear, and investigating the right things? Most importantly is your data useable & useful in the test, analysis or development?


To join the webinar register by emailing

David Ensor

David has over 40 years’ experience in the automotive & supplier industry gained in many companies worldwide. He is a specialist in fatigue analysis, instrumentation, durability, data analysis & RLD and has worked in component durability & full vehicle durability development. He has managed a number of development and advanced engineering departments until being asked to be a Senior Consultant at HORIBA-MIRA. David has developed durability schedules for numerous world markets and delivered durability programs alongside numerous trouble-shooting and problems solving exercises for a range of OEMs & Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers. In addition to this he has produced many technical papers advancing fatigue & data analysis processes.

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