Electric Vehicle NVH: Not as quiet as you thought?

Provisional date: June 2018, University of Coventry


HMR2829 Horiba Mira_Image Retouch_EDC Car on Skid Panv2Most OEMs have an increasing range of new generation electric and hybrid vehicles on the market with more in the pipeline. The common misconception is that these vehicles will be highly refined, with excellent NVH characteristics, by the very nature of the electric propulsion systems. In fact, this is not the case and there are many engineering challenges related to the acoustic emissions of the new technology.
The NVH issues are often unfamiliar to engineers used to developing vehicles with conventional IC engines and usually require novel solutions.

This one-day event will explore the NVH issues that have become apparent during recent research and development programmes at universities and vehicle OEMs on, for example – Hybrid EVs, EV motors, drive system components, battery cooling systems, regenerative braking systems and tyres.

The event is provisionally booked to be held at Coventry University on 13 June 2018 and will include:

• Informal presentations on a theme of ‘Electric and Hybrid Vehicle NVH’, covering the issues that have become apparent and problem mitigation strategies.
• Exhibition of leading NVH measurement and analysis equipment
• Poster competition with the theme of EV NVH, that will aim to attract entries from key universities

Refreshments and buffet lunch will be held in a room containing the exhibition, where some of the leading suppliers of NVH measurement and analysis tools will be available for delegates to interact with.

The event provides an opportunity for those involved in the field of NVH test, analysis and problem solving (both CAE and physical) to present their research / applications and contribute practical advice. It also offers a unique occasion to network with participants drawn from industry, test equipment suppliers and academia, all working to improve the NVH performance and sound quality perception of end consumers.

Applicants are invited to submit an abstract of their presentation, consistent with the theme described above. Presentations will need to fit strictly within a 30 minute slot, including a few minutes for questions.

Closing date for abstract submission is 31 January 2018.

For more information please contact the secretariat, Sara Atkin, by emailing info@e-i-s.org.uk
or call 01572 811315.