Engineering Integrity – Past Issues

Issue 56 – March 2024
Proactive Pipe Management: Multiaxial Fatigue of Water Pipe Grey Cast Iron
Manufacturing Process and Geometry Influence on Fatigue Design and Assessment of forged components
Issue 55 – September 2023
Overview of Profilometry-based Indentation: Plastometry and its industrial Usage
Novel Numerical Method for Real-Time Thermomechanical Correction in Complex Load-bearing and Load-measurement Applications
Issue 54 – March 2023
Understanding Creep Model Errors and their Potential to Influence the Accuracy of Extrapolated Creep Data
Development of Brain-Inspired Computing
Issue 53 – September 2022
Effects of the Surface Roughness and the Porosity on the High Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Obtained by Additive Manufacturing Process
High Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of Additive Manufactured Stainless Steel 316L: Free Surface Effect and Microstructural Heterogeneity
Issue 52 – March 2022
Automotive Emotions: The Effect of Gender
Study on the Relationship between Geometry and Fatigue: Properties of Selective Last Melted Lattice Materials
Issue 51 – September 2021
Computed Tomography-Based Defect Characterization And Prediction Of Fatigue Properties Of Extrudates From Recycled Field-Assisted Sintered EN AW-6082 Aluminium Chips
Holistic Approach to Understanding Battery Degradation

Issue 50 – March 2021
Low Filling Ratio Acoustic Space-Filling Curve Metamaterials for Jet Engine Inlets

Issue 49 – September 2020
Long-term Creep Life Prediction for Bainitic 2.25 Chromium Steels

Issue 48 – March 2020
An Investigation into the Failure Mechanisms of Coronary Stents

Issue 47 – September 2019
Using Recorded Data to Improve SRS Test Development

Journal 46 – March 2019
Strain-life fatigue testing of additive layer manufactured titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V by electron beam powder bed fusion 

Journal 45 – September 2018
Effect of the material modeling and the experimental material characterisation on fatigue life estimation within strain-based fatigue assessment approaches
The fatigue and crack growth characteristics of additive manufactured alloys for cost efficient high integrity aero-engine components

Journal 44 – March 2018
How Simple is as Simple as Possible?
Target Reliability as an Acceptance Criterion for Fatigue

Journal 43 – September 2017
Effects of Voids and Inclusions of the High Temperature Localised Cyclic Behaviour of a Next Generation Power Plant Material
Corrosion Fatigue Assessment of Brzed AISI 304/BNi-2 Joints in Synthetic Exhaust Gas Condensate

Journal 42 – March 2017
Bicycle Design for Improvements in Aerodynamic Properties
Failure Analysis of a Bearing Cap on a Piston Connecting Rod

Journal 41 – September 2016
Lateral and Longitudinal Grip Variation
What Really Happens when the Rubber Meets the Road/Runway?

Journal 40 – March 2016
Strain Rate Effect in Engineering Applications
Predicting Fatigue Life from Frequency Domain Data

Journal 39 – September 2015
EIS – the First 30 Years
Fatigue Life Prediction
How it Works: Towards Understanding the Tyre Surface Interface 

Journal 38 – March 2015
Defining Road Surface Profiles by Vehicle Response
Effects of Forges Surface Defects on the Fatigue Behaviour of a 6082 Al-alloy 

Journal 37 – September 2014
Numerical Simulation of Temperature Distribution and Material Removal in Single Spark Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) Process extended to Multiple Sparks 

Journal 36 – March 2014
Variability in Fatigue Life Assessment
Cyclic Stress-Strain Behaviour of AM60B Cast Magnesium Allot and its Impact on LCF Characterisation

Journal 35 – September 2013
High Speed Imaging to Investigate the Failure and Remnant Life of Composite Structure under Impact

Journal 34 – March 2013
Creep Life Estimation of Thick Tube Subjected to Elastic-Plastic-Creep Damage using Uniaxial Strain Energy Density and Multiaxial Parameter
Electromobility – Challenges for Structural Durability

Journal 33 – September 2012
A “Short” History of Real World Testing (Part 2)
Tyre Noise Measurement – a New Approach (Tyre Cavity Microphone – TMC)

Journal 32 – March 2012
A “Short” History of Real World Testing (Part 1)
Earthquake Simulation on a Two-Span Concrete Bridge Model

Journal 31 – September 2011
The Telescopic Cantilever Beam: Part 2 Stress Analysis

Journal 30 – March 2011
The Telescopic Cantilever Beam: Part 1 Deflection Analysis

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