Engineering Integrity – Past Issues

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Journal 47
 Using Recorded Data to Improve SRS Test Development

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Journal 46
Strain-life fatigue testing of additive layer manufactured titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V by electron beam powder bed fusion 

Issue 45 picJournal 45

Effect of the material modeling and the experimental material characterisation on fatigue life estimation within strain-based fatigue assessment approaches
The fatigue and crack growth characteristics of additive manufactured alloys for cost efficient high integrity aero-engine components

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Journal 44

How Simple is as Simple as Possible?
Target Reliability as an Acceptance Criterion for Fatigue
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 Journal 43

Fatigue 2017
Effect of Voids and Inclusions on the High Temperature Localised Cyclic Behaviour of a Next Generation Power Plant Material
Corrosion Fatigue Assessment of Brazed AISI 304/BNi-2 Joints in Synthetic Exhaust Gas Condensate

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Journal 42
Fatigue 2017
Bicycle design for improvements in aerodynamic properties
Failure analysis of a Bearing Cap on a Piston Connecting Rod

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Journal 41
September 2016
Lateral and Longitudinal Grip Variation
What Really Happens when the Rubber Meets the Road/Runway?

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Journal 40
March 2016
Strain Rate Effect in Engineering Applications
Predicting Fatigue Life from Frequency Domain Data 

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Journal 39
September 2015
EIS – the First 30 Years
Fatigue Life Prediction
How it Works: Towards Understanding the Tyre Surface Interface 

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Journal 38 
March 2015
Defining Road Surface Profiles by

Vehicle Response
Effects of Forges Surface Defects on the Fatigue Behaviour of a 6082 Al-alloy 

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Journal 37
September 2014
Numerical Simulation of Temperature Distribution and Material Removal in Single Spark Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) Process extended to Multiple Sparks 

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Journal 36
Variability in Fatigue Life Assessment
Cyclic Stress-Strain Behaviour of AM60B Cast Magnesium Alloy and its Impact on LCF Characterisation

Engineering Integrity Journal 35
Journal 35
High Speed Imaging to Investigate the Failure and Remnant Life of Composite Structure under Impact

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Journal 34
Creep Life Estimation of Thick Tube Subjected to Elastic-Plastic-Creep Damage using Uniaxial Strain Energy Density and Multiaxial Parameter
Electromobility – Challenges for Structural Durability

Journal 33
A “Short” History of Real World Testing (Part 2)
Tyre Noise Measurement – a New Approach (Tyre Cavity Microphone – TMC)

Journal 32
A “Short” History of Real World Testing (Part 1)
Earthquake Simulation on a Two-Span Concrete Bridge Model

Journal 31
The Telescopic Cantilever Beam: Part 2 Stress Analysis

Journal 30
The Telescopic Cantilever Beam: Part 1 Deflection Analysis

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Journal 27
A critical review of the Baumel-Seeger method for estimating the strain-life fatigue
properties of metallic materials
Fatigue under wide-band vibration: a note about the Steinberg method