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WEBINAR: Durability Advances in Renewable Energy & Storage Technology

Date: Various dates November and December Presenters: Serena Margadonna (Swansea University), Graham Cooley (ITM Power), Peter Miller (UTAC) & Neil Glover (Rolls Royce)

Beyond Lithium-ion Batteries for Greener and more Sustainable Electrical Energy Storage
17 November 1-2pm

An overview of the current state and future of electrochemical energy storage systems will be provided. Technologies will be discussed in terms of energy/power densities and cycle-life for applications including transport, buildings and the grid. Furthermore, the sustainability and environmental costs of state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries considering material abundance and manufacturing processes will be introduced, highlighting how near to the market technologies (e.g. Lithium-sulfur and Na-ion batteries) will enable a more widespread and greener electrification of the economy.

Green Hydrogen and Energy Storage Graham Cooley, ITM Power 24 November 1-2pm

Automotive Battery Testing Capability and Best Practice Peter Miller, UTAC
30 November 1-2pm

This presentation will start by giving an overview of the various automotive battery applications (from SLI to EV) and the battery requirements for each. It will then look at test methods and standards for automotive batteries for xEV’s that cover abuse, performance and life and give some examples of these. Finally, the split of testing between cells, modules and packs will be discussed.

Materials Challenges for Sustainable Aerospace Neil Glover, Rolls Royce
9 December 1-2pm

Neil will discuss the “de-carbonisation” of aerospace, the introduction of hybrid-electric power systems and sustainable fuels and the challenges these bring for materials engineering, performance and durability.


Attendance is free for anyone who feels they would benefit. Please email

WEBINAR: Coming Soon Strain Gauges

Date: TBC Presenters: TBC

WEBINAR: Coming Soon Accelerometers

Date: TBC Presenters: Andrew Ramage (Techni Measure) Keith Vickers (HBK)

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