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SEMINAR: Latest Innovations in Battery Design & Testing

Date: Tuesday 18 July 2023


With the global move towards electrification there is the need to create smaller, lighter and more powerful batteries. Innovation is required to address industry needs and reach emissions targets. Battery design is critical and there are multiple challenges including reducing cost, increasing power and energy density whilst maintaining safety.

This seminar will focus on the most important areas of this new and important field including Li-ion testing, pressure, temperature and vibration testing as well as thermal management and future safety. It will cover all perspectives including different industries/sectors. In addition, there will be a tour of the world-class WMG Energy Innovation Centre.


A Look at the Battery Test Landscape
Nigel Taylor,

An introduction to Li-ion battery testing at WMG
Nessa Fereshteh Saniee, WMG

Degradation of Li-Ion Batteries: Testing and Analysis
Edmund Dickinson, About Energy

Pressure mapping and vibration testing to improve battery performance and safety
Shak Jamil, Techni Measure

Shake it, Break it, Make it Bounce
Marc Brown, Vibration Research

Battery measurement from nanometres to meters
Rob Wood, ZEISS

Accelerating the Switch to E-Mobility - The crucial role of materials testing in the automotive industry
Aleksander Koprivc, ZwickRoell

Battery Testing Focussed on Safety Evaluation
Mushfiq Rahman, WMG

Introduction to battery thermal management systems and battery models
Haosong He – Loughborough University

CONFERENCE: Fatigue 2024

Date: 19-21 June 2024, Jesus College, Cambridge


Scientific Topics

Topics covered during the conference will include: basic science of fatigue, advanced manufacturing, high performance materials, multiaxiality, thermomechanical response, corrosive environments, notches, welds and joints, designing against failure and tools for structural integrity assessment. Presentations will include innovative modelling and simulation, new experimental techniques and novel assessment methods.

Keynote Speakers

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Seminar: High Integrity Structural Joints

Seminar: Introduction to Fatigue

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