Psychoacoustics & Sound Quality Call for Presentations


The quality of sound is often a daunting topic that can be filled with emotions, intuition and variation, but that doesn’t have to be so. With this pair of seminars, the Engineering Integrity Society aims to educate and inform on the science and measurement of the Quality of Sound as well as present cutting edge developments in the field. Curating and engineering a quality sound to your product has often been an overlooked dimension in the field of product design, but if this is done well it can elevate your product from being merely competent to one which delights as well as performs.

We are seeking presentations to cover both days of the seminar.

Day 1 will be educational and presentations are invited to cover the theory and practice of sound quality engineering, recording, analysis and evaluation.

Day 2 will aim to bring delegates up to date on the direction and outcomes of research in sound quality engineering and delivery.  We welcome contributions from your research around the topics of, but not limited to, the use of new or innovative metrics, comparison and appraisal of human perception, artificially creating experiences and sounds or the usage of virtual environments. 


Your Submission

Please provide an abstract for your technical presentation including:

• Your full name, job title, organisation and contact details

• The presentation title

Abstracts should be sent to

Abstract Deadline: 1 September 2024

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