Servo Hydraulics & Testing to Achieve Accurate, Meaningful & Economic Results

Star Hydraulics, Tewkesbury
14 September 2017

This one day event is to look at the challenges faced by engineers to deliver reliable and efficient testing with a focus on servo-hydraulic equipment and rig design. Presentations covering a range of topics will be provided by experienced engineers and there will be the opportunity to see test laboratory demonstrations.


9.30am Registration, Tea and Coffee

10.00am Introduction to Star Hydraulics & The EIS – Paul Shillam (Star Hydraulics) & Graham Hemmings (EIS)

10.15am Challenges posed by a new test request – Graham Hemmings
The Test – Objectives / Specification / Types of Test 
Test System – Servo Hydraulics or Alternative
Test Rig Design – Reproducing the vehicle installation, FE Model Validation 
Examples – A range of component and test rig designs

11.00am Tea and Coffee

11.15am Example – Considerations on a component test – Norman Thornton (EIS)
Choosing actuators and servo valves to achieve loads, displacements, frequency
Sizing the pump flow requirements – Power Requirements
Other system considerations – Pipework, Accumulation, Cooling
Optimising test time – Adaptive control methods

12.30pm Lunch and Networking

1.15pm Fundamentals Ignored – Design, Prediction, Production, Test – Norman Thornton
Materials, Test Specimens, Residual Strain & Thermal Gradients

2.00pm Practical Equipment Demonstrations

3.15pm Question and Answer Session – Open forum

4.00pm Closing Comments & Feedback


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