The Challenges of Structural Integrity at High Temperature


This seminar is aimed at engineers with hands on involvement in the world of high temperature applications, either for the design, or validation and testing, of materials, components and models. This seminar will stimulate discussion and the sharing of information, techniques and challenges across a range of sectors.

Provisional Programme

Challenges involved in implementing and maintaining high temperature control accuracy during complex mechanical testing - Jonathan Jones – Swansea University

Determining Damage Evolution using Advanced Monitoring  Techniques at High Temperatures (>800°C) - Chris Newton – Swansea University

Stress cracking and fatigue testing of nickel based superalloys in a hot corrosion environment – Laurie Brooking, Cranfield University - abstract

Lunch and Exhibition

Lab Tour - A tour of the Phoenix Materials Testing laboratory which specialises in testing to support product research and development, including a range of high temperature and environmental facilities.

Creep Fatigue Interaction for Nuclear Fusion – Mike Gorley, UK Atomic Energy Authority - abstract

High strength steels at elevated temperature - Dorothy Winful, TWI - abstract

Controlled Higher Resolution Non-Uniform Heating and Applications – Akram Wahab, Phoenix Materials Testing Ltd - abstract

In situ synchrotron measurements of stress relaxation in Titanium alloys – Yi Xiong, Oxford University - abstract

 Q&A Forum and Closing Comments