Tyre/Road Runway Interaction: Modelling, Simulation & Validation

Mira Pave D41183-055This seminar is aimed at not just the motor industry but any industry wishing to understand better the reaction between tyre and road. The presenters will discuss the current understanding and work undertaken to model/predict the interaction between rubber and tarmac. This should provide an insight and we would welcome delegate participation in the interactive discussions.
There will also be a demonstration of tyre modelling and the effects of tyre wall ratio on loading inputs using a design and simulation model.


09.15 Registration, Tea and Coffee

09.45 Introduction to the EIS – Norman Thornton/Steve Payne (EIS)
An overview of EIS and the day’s presentations on modelling and understanding the interactive between tyre and road/runway.

10.00 HORIBA MIRA’s Virtual Proving Ground – Stratos Stratoudakis, HORIBA MIRA
The modern view of vehicle design is that much of it can be done in the virtual world. This presentation looks at the integrated approach to the process from obtaining load case information using virtual engineering techniques. This methods include building a representative full vehicle model coupled with a high fidelity tyre model which is in 3-d contact with MIRA’s scanned road surfaces.

11.00 Road Surface Characterisation – David Woodward, Ulster University
A look into how we objectively characterise the road surface.

12.00 Lunch & Networking

12.45 Interactive demonstration highlighting high and low profile tyres and resultant forces

13.00 Testing Rubber to Road Surface Contact – Alex O’Neill, University of Surrey
The practical applications and considerations of testing the tyre contact to road surface.

13.45 A Vehicle Manufacturer’s Perception of Tyre Modelling – Jan Prins, Jaguar Land Rover
The effect of the road surface, the vehicle and the tyre from a vehicle manufacturer’s perspective.

14.30 Road scanning – measurement technologies and modelling methods – Gian Matteo Bianchi, University of Rome Tor Vergata
The importance of scanning resolution and its influence on vehicle attributes

15.15 Discussion – Steve Payne & Norman Thornton (EIS)

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