Welcome to the Engineering Integrity Society

Our Purpose

The EIS is a long-established charitable society focusing on the areas of fatigue, testing, measurement, durability and sound & vibration. It offers a unique forum for industrial engineers to exchange ideas and experience. Since its foundation in 1985 the Society has made an important contribution to engineering science, holding major National and International Conferences, organising and co-ordinating specialist task groups and presenting technical seminars. Membership is worldwide.

What we do


Seminars, webinars, conferences and events to support engineers in developing their skills and knowledge


The EIS produces a twice-yearly technical journal, Engineering Integrity, along with a variety of other publications

Group Meetings

Simulation, Test & Measurement Group

Durability & Fatigue Group

Sound Vibration Product Perception Group

Young Engineers Forum

Engineering Integrity Journal



The latest journal published by the EIS

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