60 Second Spotlight on Adrian Weeks

60 Second Spotlight on Adrian Weeks, Strain Sense

Ahead of the Fundamentals of Data Collection & Instrumentation Seminar taking place on 27 February at MIRA Technology Institute we caught up with Adrian Weeks to hear his thoughts on the topic.

Please briefly explain your current role and involvement with data collection & instrumentation?

My role is sales engineer for a supplier of data acquisition systems, sensors and analysis software. This involves supporting customers on test and measurement requirements including test rigs and mobile testing applications.

What changes have you seen in data collection technology over the past 5 years?

Capturing more inputs in single DAQ system and streamlined analysis techniques, merging of capturing mechanical and electrical parameters.

What are some common challenges engineers face in your specific area of expertise?

Acquiring multiple data types and ensuring synchronization
Making sure sensors are connected correctly and have correct calibration
Ensuring data from events of interest are captured
Streamlining processing and analysis of data

What do you see as the key priorities for engineers collecting data?

Making sure all stages of the measurement chain acquire required quality of data
Ensuring the right data is collected to achieve test objectives

In light of technological advancements and industry changes, how do you foresee the future of data collection evolving?

More synchronised data acquisition and real time analysis tools, to shorten post processing and reporting timescales

What will you be presenting at the EIS seminar and how will this benefit participants?

My presentation will describe data acquisition systems and sensors, and run through key features and operating methods.

Why is it important for engineers to join this event?

To get a practical overview of latest instrumentation technologies related to test and measurement applications, see latest equipment in operation.

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