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60 Second Spotlight on Matt Little

60 Second Spotlight on Matt Little, Ricardo

Ahead of the Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition taking place on Tuesday 16 May at Silverstone Race Circuit we caught up with Matt Little to find out more about his presentation and thoughts on the future.

Matt Little

Please briefly explain your current role.

NVH testing & analysis within the motorcycle and rail industries.

How would you say your industry has evolved over the past two years?

In recent years. my colleagues working in the automotive industry have seen the majority of R&D funding switch from ICE to EV powertrains, in the motorcycle and rail industries however a strong ICE focus remains.

What is the most important development in this field at the moment, either within your organisation or in the industry in general?

Obtaining class leading sound quality whilst maintaining legal compliance for pass-by noise homologation.

What key development(s) in test and measurement are you most interested in for the future and why?

Miniaturisation and power consumption reduction of test equipment.

What will you be presenting at the Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition and how will this benefit participants?

I will share my life-long love affair of motorcycle soundtracks.

Why is it important for engineers to join this event?

It enables a broadening of horizons by seeing the tools and techniques utilised by other organisations.

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