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60 Second Spotlight on Maurice Van der Elsen

60 Second Spotlight on Maurice van der Elsen,

Ahead of the Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition  taking place on Tuesday 16 May at Silverstone we caught up with Maurice to find out more about his presentation and and thoughts on the future of test and measurement.

Please briefly explain your current role.

Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, like automotive testing, 6-Sigma, balancing and material testing, I discovered in 2022. Highly impressed with the Virtual Acoustic Prototype consisting of test and simulation models, I have now become their business developer.

How would you say your industry has evolved over the past two years?

Many of our contributions to the industry are ahead of their time. We are pleased to see a broader adaptation in the market today. It is no longer a question of “if” Blocked Forces, Component based TPA and Virtual Acoustic Prototyping will be adapted, but “how” industry can adapt them in the most efficient and robust way.

What is the most important development in this field at the moment, either within your organisation or in the industry in general?

Virtual Point Transformation is the best way to build test-based models from both simulations and measurements. Virtual Point Transformation opens a whole new way of vehicle development with accurate, EARLY simulations all the way “up to the driver’s ears”.

What will you be presenting at the Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition and how will this benefit participants?

We will demonstrate how Virtual Points Transformation, Blocked Forces, Component Based TPA and Virtual Acoustic Prototyping using Dynamic Substructuring, will help early, robust and accurate product conception. We look forward to showcasing an actual E-compressor example and discussing how the technology will benefit the industry.

Why is it important for engineers to join this event?

EIS Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition at Silverstone is, in our view, the best exhibition in the UK to bring together the NVH community. Partly with academic content, the event in general brings together industrial solutions for high end users. We are looking forward to inspiring visitors with new ideas, and to help them bring their NVH development processes to new levels with our solutions.

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