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Net Zero Group

Engineering Integrity Society Launches Net Zero Group

The EIS is forming a Net Zero Group to support the engineering community in meeting net zero challenges, bringing together engineers across all engineering disciplines, and providing the opportunity for webinars and seminars where ideas can be shared and discussed, and new connections made.

In a world driven by the urgency to combat climate change, the EIS has taken a crucial step by establishing the Net Zero Group, a platform dedicated to accelerating the transition towards a sustainable and net zero emissions future. From energy generation and storage to product electrification, the engineering community is under mounting pressure to lead the charge in identifying and implementing solutions that align with the global net zero goal.

As the demand for net zero solutions intensifies, engineers face a set of unique challenges. These hurdles include the need for advanced tools and technologies to model and design net zero products and processes. The successful achievement of net zero also hinges on the seamless integration of engineering tools and interdisciplinary models. There’s also a need to provide engineers with the education and support necessary to cultivate interdisciplinary skills, empowering them to drive innovation across diverse fields.

With its extensive network of individual and corporate members, the EIS is ideally positioned to play a pivotal role in driving the transition towards a net zero world. The society has already been focused on this area, hosting a series of webinars and seminars on net zero solutions. This has included events on topics such as hydrogen and energy storage, net zero powertrain engineering and battery technology. These events have not only showcased cutting-edge advancements but have also encouraged meaningful discussions and connections within the engineering community.

Recognising the pressing need for collaboration and knowledge sharing, the EIS has established the Net Zero Group. This initiative aims to unite engineers across various disciplines, providing them with a platform to collectively address the challenges associated with achieving net zero emissions. The intention is to ignite innovative ideas, facilitate thoughtful discussions, and establish new connections that will be instrumental in propelling the transition to a net zero world.

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