SEMINAR: Reducing Doubt in Engineering Measurement and Analysis

Date: 17 November, AMRC, Sheffield


Have you ever given any thought to how certain you are in your results? As engineers we are under pressure to provide meaningful information to the design and development process, but also to do this economically and speedily. These two goals are often in conflict when needing to be certain we have a true answer. This seminar will look at how to be certain, and that you have chosen the correct measurements, data or analysis. We will also look at some concrete examples of constructing accurate and repeatable measurements or analyses where the certainty of a good result can be quantified.


Gaining Traction - Engineering in the face of uncertainty - Lessons from the World Rally Car - Damian Harty, REE

Uncertainties within a calibration laboratory - Miles Dadson, Proctor and Chester Measurements Ltd

Uncertainty Collection – a materials testing case study on variability outside the specimen - Peter Bailey, Instron

Considering Uncertainty, “Are you sure you have the correct answer?” – David Ensor, EIS

Quantifying the Effects of Uncertainty in Correlating Fatigue Life Simulation with Physical Tests - Andrew Halfpenny, HBK

Can you control all your test variables? We don’t! - Connor Bligh, JCB

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EXHIBITION: Instrumentation, Analysis & Testing Exhibition 2023

Date: 16 May 2023, Silverstone Race Circuit

The Instrumentation, Analysis & Testing Exhibition has become a significant event in the engineering year and with visitors travelling from across the UK it is seen by many as the go-to event for testing and analysis technologies.

Over 60 Exhibitors

Mini Seminars

A number of mini seminars will be announced in the coming months

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CONFERENCE: Fatigue 2024

Date: 19-21 June 2024, Jesus College, Cambridge


Scientific Topics

Topics covered during the conference will include: basic science of fatigue, advanced manufacturing, high performance materials, multiaxiality, thermomechanical response, corrosive environments, notches, welds and joints, designing against failure and tools for structural integrity assessment. Presentations will include innovative modelling and simulation, new experimental techniques and novel assessment methods.

Keynote Speakers

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