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Forums 2014

A number of open forums will be held throughout the day on a diverse range of topics. We are pleased to bring you highly experienced guest panels who will give short presentations expanding on the technical developments and take questions from the floor. To register to attend any of the forums please complete the Registration Form.

11.00-12.00 The Effect on Component Life and Performance of Manufacturing Induced Residual Strain
Chair- Norman Thornton (Engineering Consultant)
Panel – Angelo Fanourakis (GKN Autostructures), Andrew Blows (Jaguar Landrover), John McCarthy (Maps Technology), Rob Wood (GOM)
Summary: Residual stress/strain is rarely, if ever, measured and yet can be significant. Excessive residual stress in a finished component may cause premature failure so it is important that this is accurately measured and understood. Changes in manufacture are often made independently and not integrated into the life prediction or assessment. During production, bending, forming and welding can create an unknown and potentially important life factor and this forum will focus on how residual strain can be measured and controlled.

11.30–12.30 Gearbox Noise and Life Monitoring
Chair – Geoff Rowlands (MIRA)

Panel – Jarek Rosinski (Transmission Dynamics) and Barry James (Romax)
Summary: This is a new forum for 2014 following a number of requests for discussion of the subject of gearbox noise and life monitoring. Guest speakers with specialist experience in this field will make short presentations and take questions from the floor. Discussion will include gear loading measurements, life estimation and the causes of gear noise.

14.00–15.00 3D Printed Components – use in Stress Analysis and as Structural Components
Chair – Bernard Steeples (Engineering Consultant)
Panel – Mark Tyrtania (Laser Lines), Tom Riley (Bentley Motors), Ian Jones (Airbus), Neil Hopkinson (University of Sheffield) and a representative from BAE Systems
Summary: 3D printing is at the forefront of recent engineering advances and will have a significant commercial impact in future years. The panel will discuss current and future applications including processes known in various industries from rapid prototyping to additive manufacturing. This forum will also discuss high volume manufacturing including how and when the technology will displace today’s processes such as injection moulding.

14.15–15.15 Successes and Future Challenges in Vehicle Dynamics
Chair – John Wilkinson (Millbrook Proving Ground)

Panel – Richard Hurdwell (Richard Hurdwell Engineering) and Xiao-Dong Sun (TRW Conekt)
Summary: The forum will review the dynamics of traditional vehicle steering systems and the future of steer by wire technology.

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