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Fundamentals of Vehicle Data Collection, 26 February 2015, MIRA

This event was aimed at engineers and technicians who are interested in data collection on motor vehicles. The day followed the process of a typical data collection from initial specification, through installation, data collection and data handling. The focus was more practical than theoretical and there was the opportunity to look at a vehicle that had been prepared for data collection as well as a tour of the MIRA test track.

9am Coffee and Registration
9.20am Introduction – Geoff Rowlands, MIRA
9.30am Transducer Selection – Geoff Rowlands, MIRA
a. Analogue
b. CANbus
c. GPS
10.45am Tea and Coffee
11.15am Instrumentation set-up & checks – Steve Payne, MIRA
a. Installation
b. Transducer checks
c. Polarities/vehicle co-ordinates
d. Vehicle shakedown
12.30pm Lunch
1.15pm Show and tell – CARDUR – instrumented vehicle – David Ensor, Geoff Rowlands and Steve Payne, MIRA
2.30pm Tea and Coffee
3pm Data Collection – David Ensor, MIRA
a. Load conditions
b. Tracks
c. Environmental considerations
d. Set-up considerations (sample rate and filtering)
4.30pm Q&A and closing comments – David Ensor – MIRA

Slides from the day


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