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Hydraulics: What the Engineer Needs to Know and How to Avoid the Pitfalls

IMG_6635 edited v2Star Hydraulics, Tewkesbury
15 September 2016

This one day event is designed to assist engineers in understanding the individual components utilised in the design and manufacture of conventional dynamic hydraulic systems.

Technical presentations by experienced engineers will help explain:-
• How to understand the application, function and performance of elements incorporated into dynamic hydraulic systems
• How these elements operate, why they are required and their effect on overall system performance
• Why hydraulic fluid temperature and cleanliness is vitally important in providing optimum system performance and protecting the longevity of hydraulic systems


9.00am Registration, Tea and Coffee

9.25am Introduction – Norman Thornton (Engineering Consultant, EIS)

9.30am Power and Flow – Norman Thornton (Engineering Consultant, EIS)
• Maintaining constant system pressure to accommodate cyclic flow demands
• Fixed and variable hydraulic power units
• Pressure control valves
• Specifying size and optimum location of accumulators
• Calculation and provision of adequate power

10.45am Tea and Coffee

11.00am Focus on individual components – how they operate and how to determine suitability for purpose – Norman Thornton (Engineering Consultant, EIS), Paul Shillam (Managing Director, Star Hydraulics Ltd, Anton Raath (Managing Director – CaTs3 Ltd)
• Accumulators
• Actuators
• Servo-valves
• Filters
• Control systems

12.15pm Lunch and Networking

1.00pm Practical equipment demonstrations
• Practical laboratory demonstrations of hydraulic system
elements, outlining the effects of location, size and operation
• An opportunity for attendees to operate and interact with
complete systems

4.00pm Q&A Session – open forum debate

4.30pm Closing Comments


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