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Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition 2015

journal 2The Silverstone Wing, Silverstone Race Track
17 March 2015
10am – 4pm

Following on from the success of the 2014 exhibition, the 2015 exhibition was held on Tuesday 17 March 2015 at Silverstone in the prestigious exhibition and conference centre – the Silverstone Wing. Entrance to the exhibition and open forums was free to visitors along with free car parking and complimentary refreshments. Once again the exhibition had grown with over 55 exhibitors.

The following open forums took place:

11.00-11.45 Residual Strain and What is Failure
Chaired by Norman Thornton, Engineering Consultant
Panel: David Panni (JCB), Andrew Blows (Jaguar Land Rover), Rob Wood (GOM)
The generation of residual strains and the possible control of them in manufacture. How do we define failure and monitor it in the material and the component. How do we define life and how much do we allow for safety.

11.30 – 12.15 Similar Vehicles Have Similar Loads. (Why Collect Data?)
Chaired by Geoff Rowlands, MIRA
Panel: David Ensor, MIRA
One exasperated Engineering manager once asked his data collection engineer:  “You have been collecting data on similar trucks on the same test track for years now. Surely you know everything there is to know about what happens when a vehicle drives on a test track?” Maybe he had a point. Do we collect unnecessary data in the age of CAE and modelling? 

14.00 – 14.45 Durability Testing of Ground Vehicle and Aerospace Electronic Components and Systems
Chaired by Trevor Margereson, Engineering Consultant
Panel: Trevor Harrison  (VTS products – B&K), Tim Bourne  (MIRA)
The presentations and forum will review the durability testing techniques used in the testing of electronic components and systems used in the ground vehicle and aerospace industries.  A review of the service environmental conditions that the components and systems are exposed to, how these are reproduced in the laboratory, and how the components and systems are functionally exercised and monitored for malfunction or failure during the laboratory testing process.

14.15 – 15.00 Metrology – Saving Time, Money and Tempers and Reducing Waste
Chaired by Bernard Steeples (Engineering Consultant)
Panel: Jeff Llewellyn (President, BMTA), Kevin Hawley (GOM), Nick Turner (Metrology Development, Coventry University), Lukas Suchomel – TWI Ltd
The forum will address the need and advantages of accurate measurement in manufacturing, testing and quality control and the growing range of appropriate measuring systems now available.


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