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Basic Fatigue Course

19 November 2014, Nettle Hill, Ansty, Coventry

This was a one-day technical background course aimed at those who encounter structural fatigue calculations and tests in industry. The course did not use any software and was not software specific; it was equally applicable to test and CAE based fatigue calculations. 
The following questions were addressed as part of the course:
1. What’s the difference between SN and EN?
2. Fatigue’s only a problem with aluminium isn’t it?
3. What is Miner’s rule?
4. When you say low cycle fatigue, do you mean the loads are low?
5. How many cycles for high cycle fatigue and how many for low cycle fatigue?
6. How would I know whether it failed through fatigue or just broke?
7. How is fatigue related to UTS?
8. Does fatigue also happen under compressive stresses?
9. What is a Rainflow count?
10. How much material data do I need for fatigue analysis?

Basic Fatigue Course Brochure

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