Simulation, Test and Measurement Group

Chairman – Steve Payne (HORIBA MIRA)
Deputy Chairman – Alex O’Neill (Jaguar Land Rover/University of Surrey)

Simulation and laboratory testing are increasingly seen as key elements in the product design and development process and the activities of this group address these subjects.

The group is concerned with the philosophy, technical concepts and practice of data collection and analysis techniques and simulation testing in a laboratory environment. All aspects of the measurement and interpretation of service duty, including transducers, instrumentation, measurement systems, strategies and analysis techniques, are covered. The area of simulation and testing addresses items such as functionality, durability and fatigue of components, systems and complete vehicle and  engineering structures. The group holds a number of one day technical meetings each year and a one-day annual ‘Instrumentation Analysis and Testing Exhibition.

STMG Members

Steve Payne – HORIBA MIRA
Darren Williams – UTAC
Graham Hemmings – Engineering Consultant
Anton Raath – CaTs3
Jarek Rosinski – Transmission Dynamics
Paul Roberts – HBK
Richard Hobson – Consultant
Steve Coe – Data Physics UK
Rob Wood – GOM
Tim Powell – MTS Systems
Trevor Margereson – Engineering Consultant
Virrinder Kumar – Engineering Consultant
Jack Allcock – Tata Steel
Carl Babcock – Data Acquisition & Testing Services Ltd
David Copley – Consultant
David Ensor – Consultant
Robin Garvie – Airbus
Gary Rands – Siemens
Jerry Hughes – Moog
John Wilkinson – Consultant
Lloyd Butler – DTR VMS
Marc Brown – Vibration Research
Alex O’Neill – Siemens
Raul Rodriguez – Hyster Yale
Scott Williams – Williams F1
Ben Huxham – Prosig
Gian Matteo Bianchi – Jaguar Land Rover
Darren Burke – Servotest
Jeremy Yarnall – DATS Ltd
Jonathan Joy – UTAC
Connor Bligh – DEWESoft UK Ltd
Chris Johnson – Wacker Neuson UK Ltd

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