Workshop on Structural Dynamics in a World Where Weight Reduction Matters


AMRC, Sheffield

7 February 2017

During the last decade, like other areas within Computer Aided Engineering, Structural Analysis has been transformed with the rapidly advancing growth in computing power and it is now common to accurately calculate the modal parameters of a prototype design long before any physical parts are available. This has supported the current drive for designing light-weight structures to improve CO2 emissions without a significant reduction of structural integrity or reliability. However, the core techniques in modal testing are largely unchanged and many engineers can benefit from regularly reviewing this fundamental knowledge.

This seminar aims to refresh basic techniques in the morning session followed by formal presentations in the afternoon session. The morning session will take the form of three classroom-style tutorials covering the fundamentals of modal testing and analysis, through which three groups of delegates will rotate. The afternoon session will be a series of 30 minute presentations of research work, product test and development, and case studies related to light-weight structures.
This provides an opportunity for those involved in the field of structural test, analysis and modelling (both CAE and physical) to present their research / applications and contribute practical advice. It offers a unique occasion to network with participants drawn from industry, modal test equipment suppliers and academia, all working to improve the modal performance of products from simple components to fully built structures.

8.45am Registration, Tea and Coffee
9.00am Introduction – John Wilkinson (SVPP Chairman, EIS)
Workshops (3 rotating groups) covering:-
1. Test preparation and FRF data acquisition – Mueller BBM-VAS
2. Modal parameter estimation, geometry & mode shape creation & animation, error checking – Bruel & Kjaer
3. Test model validation, CAE Pre-test & Correlation – Andrew McQueen, Siemens STS
1.00pm Lunch and Exhibition
2pm Multidisciplinary CAE optimisation methodology applied to lightweight automotive exhaust systems – Prannay Patni, Dr Ahmed Elsyed & Katerina Stamou, Coventry University
2.30pm Correlating structural FEA models of lightweight structures, the observer effect: what is it and what can be done about it – Martin Cockrill, ASDEC, University of Leicester
3pm Tea, Coffee and Exhibition
3.30pm Effect of lightweight rear drive unit on ride vibration of a vehicle – Jiewei Lin and Yi Qiu, Human Factors Research Unit, ISVR, University of Southampton
4pm Advances in Structural Analysis for Light weight Structures using NVH Principles – Siemens STS
4.30pm Modally optimising a helicopter component – Emiel Barten, Mueller BBM-VAS
5pm Q&A and Closing Comments

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