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Sound & Vibration Product Perception Group

David FishChairman – David Fish – JoTech Ltd
Telephone: 07793745824
Deputy Chairman – Keith Vickers – Bruel & Kjaer

 This group provides a meeting place for engineers to exchange information and experience in these important areas. The group has recently expanded its scope of activities in recognition of an increased interest in the human perception dimension of most noise and vibration tasks, related to products people use. It will also touch on other human response matters. The aims of the group are to provide a forum to share experience and promote understanding and expertise in our areas, ranging across industry and academia. The group holds regular technical seminars and workshops.

 SVPP Members

Dave Boast – DB Engineering Solutions
Mark Burnett – HORIBA-MIRA
David Fish – JoTech
Paul Jennings – Warwick University
Chris Knowles – Consultant
Peter Jackson – European Acoustical Products
Andrew McQueen – Siemens
Keith Vickers – Bruel & Kjaer
Martin Cockrill – Polytec
James Herbert – Bruel & Kjaer
Jon Richards – Consultant
Tony Shepperson – HEAD acoustics
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