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Texys Group

Address:16 rue Edouard Branly
 ZA des Chamonds
 58640 Varennes-Vauzelles
Tel:+33 (0)3 86 21 27 18
Contact:Charles Boulanger
For 25 years, Texys has been designing, developing, manufacturing, and distributing embedded and laboratory solutions for the measurement of physical quantities, including pressure, load, temperature, current and inertia. Texys has gained worldwide recognition by mastering various technologies such as infrared, fibre optics, extensometry, wireless communication and signal conditioning.   Texys’ custom sensing solutions are widely used and relied upon in various industries, such as Motorsport, Aeronautics, Automotive, Energy and Railway, supplying OEMs, Tier 1-2-3 suppliers, R&D centers, testing facilities and many more.
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