Working Group: Initiative on Joints

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Following on from the article published in the society’s journal and our recent seminar on joints we will be forming a working group on this topic. If you are interested in becoming part of this group please get in touch.


A key focus of the Engineering Integrity Society (EIS) is to find ways of improving our understanding of Engineering. In the past we have successfully facilitated working groups for like-minded engineers to discuss and overcome challenges in particular areas. A new focus we are exploring is an initiative focusing on joints, to collaborate, share knowledge and research for the benefit of all. We are looking for people, companies and universities to participate in this mutually beneficial project.

There are always concerns that competitive advantage could be gained by sharing knowledge, but this inhibits beneficial learning and knowledge for both parties. By working together on projects we can all learn and develop, particularly where we come together from different industries such as aerospace and automotive. If we are in similar sectors where there are potential competitive issues, then we can still work together on joint research for mutual benefit.

Through working separately we have to fund the entire research and development phase ourselves and we are also missing out on potential government funding initiatives. The creation of working groups enables us to connect companies that have the same engineering challenges to solve.

There are many areas we could focus on including Fasteners / Bolted Joints, Spot Welds, Self-Piece Rivets, Seam Welds and Adhesives to name a few.

Let’s all advance our engineering knowledge together with the assistance of the Engineering Integrity Society.

If you would like to get involved please contact the secretariat ( including details of the specific areas which interest you.

Andrew Blows

Jaguar Land Rover & EIS Committee Member

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